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From complete novice to serious amateur, Foto Houze has classes to sharpen your skills.


Together, we'll get the images you expect from your camera.


On on One:

Your personalized photo lessons.Learn what you need to meet your immediate photographic demands. Learning in a private lesson allows you to learn on your camera, address your unique needs and you can ask all of you questions.


Also, One-on-One classes make great holiday gifts for the aspiring photographers!


Photography 1: The foundation of taking better memories.

In this class you will create a working base of how to capture images in different scenarios. You will develop your "photographic eye" by learning the principles of composition and the skills of framing. Grasp the different uses of the zoom and wide lens.


Photography 2: Taking your camera out of auto mode

Increase your understanding of your camera's exposure modes (P, Av, Sv/Tv, M) and what works best for your type of photography. You will learn the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO, also how to manipulate two of the three at any time. Become aware of the effect your light metering modes have on the overall exposure. Learn how and when to change the white balance mode and much more.


Photography 3: Lighting Basics

Learn to use light, whether it's available natural light, from your built-in flash, reflected or from studio lights, to get the best shot possible."Please remove the dates and time for old class and the text regarding the postponement of classes due to the new year.


Classes have been postponed until the new year. Contact the store forone-on-one availability.
New class schedule will include iPhone classes

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